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About the founder

Now I am a successful investor, mentor, business advisor with the lifestyle I want….

But it wasn’t always like that… along with successes, I have also had some spectacular failures and it wasn’t until I found the frameworks and models to make sense of the challenges that it all became so easy.

From my own experiences and the great business owners that have shared their experiences with me it is clear that businesses can benefit enormously from connecting with the investors and experts that can address their specific needs.

This website was created to put into action that belief and to make my contribution to helping small business owners avoid the potholes in the road to success, many of which I fell into.

“My life is
my message”

Small business is the main engine of most western economies. Yes, mining and agriculture are important but they come and go with the economic tide. Small business collectively is the single largest employer and has the greatest impact on social wellbeing in our society.

Logically the success of our economy is directly linked to the success of small business.

If you want to your business to survive, grow and prosper then seek some external advice to at least have a business checkup before you get surprised.

“We all know someone in the 80% of small businesses that failed in their first few years and felt the pain and suffering of that failure.  Yet there are 1,000′s of Advisors that could have helped! And, just to make it more frustrating, many Advisors struggle to find and engage with the businesses that need the help and match their skills. This is the passion that drives me….” Peter Hall – Founder

Current projects are my way of “making a difference”… What’s Yours?

The Small Business Advice website is a project I initiated and funded several years ago that has helped 1,000′s business owners with educational events, books and direct connections with professional advisors to solve their business challenges.
Visit the site here http://www.smallbusinessadvice.org.au/ and the make a contribution or donation to help keep this project growing visit here http://smallbusinessadvice.org.au/donations/ and thanks in advance for your contributions.

About Peter Hall

After completing a Science Degree with Honours and then starting one of the first commercial scale ocean trout and salmon farms in Tasmania he has owned and operated several businesses including:
- electronics manufacturing,
- intensive animal production,
- importing,
- food manufacturing,
- software,
- website development, and
- consulting.

Peter was responsible for establishing one of Australia largest Business Incubators that trained over 3000 business in business planning over a three year period.

He has worked at COO, CEO, Non Executive Director, Non Executive Chairman in private and public companies and also as an advisor to Government on Export and Venture Capital for the ICT sector.

His further education has included an MBA and extensive study of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Leadership coaching and behavioural management in business.

He now works as a private advisor to small businesses, coaches other consultants and as a volunteer with the not for profit Business Advisor Network he founded in 2006.

Peter’s qualifications and accreditations include:

Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Master of Business Administration
Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors
Associate of the Institute for Independent Business
Accredited Leadership Coach

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