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Use Benchmarking to create long term “sticky” clients?

How well are your client businesses performing? Is their performance “good, bad or ugly”?

If you don’t benchmark their results, neither you nor your client can truly know. Benchmarking offers a web-based breakthrough in comparing business performance across industries and geographical boundaries.
Businesses can now access the benchmarking tools that have only ever been available to large organisations. Through Benchmarking, managers can make more informed decisions that save money and significantly enhance overall performance.
Benchmarking has made it easy to compare both profit & loss reports, balance sheets and key performance indicators. Advisors can now stand out in their efforts to add value and understand the key performance drivers of a client business.
High quality reports are instantly available allowing advisors to maximise value for a minimal cost of time.

Budgeting & Scenario Planning

Benchmarking also simplifies the budgeting process while maintaining all the benefits. Using last year, current year or some other results as a base, your clients can now very quickly and efficiently develop multiple budget scenarios before deciding which of the scenarios to use as the budget for the next financial period.
The selected budget is then included in reports against actual results and benchmarked results of top and average performers.

Click this link for package details for registered advisors.

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