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Welcome to the Advisor blog. Here you will find helpful tips and discussions from expert professional Advisors, as well as updates about what is going on in your Network.

Consulting models that are making use of online tools

Why would you bother using online tools? Many professional advisors, coaches, mentors, accountants and even bookkeepers are looking for ways to add value to their existing service offering for their business owner clients. Their objective is to deliver more value with less effort and cost. In some cases this is essential for their survival ... Read More

Moving from Compliance to Advice – a challenge for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Compliance based accounting services are becoming increasingly commoditised as routine tasks are shifted offshore or automated in cloud based online solutions. If you are an accountant or bookkeeper then consider the options available to maintain growth and in some cases survival! Many accountants are looking at moving from compliance focussed practice to an advice focus. This is ... Read More

Stay Ahead in Consulting Business

Lots of individuals have the ability to set up a consulting firm, however not too many are likely to be or continue to be ahead of the game. Generally, there will be specific factors and considerations that must be determined so as to establish a stable, financial resource consulting business. This demands determination as an ... Read More

Case Study – Prospect converts to real consulting work in 48 hours

A prospect was traded a few days ago on the Prospects Trading Platform with the heading "Medical nutritionist needs help to set up online business" and this was the response from the advisor that received the prospect. How simple can it be...? After completing my profile including my specialist skills in the Business Advisors ... Read More

Case Study: Buying and selling prospects interviews with buyer and seller

A number of advisors have asked me to recount a recent trade on the Referral Prospects Training Platform to assist them in understanding the process. So I have done some interviews and brought it to you here in a Q and A style, including the original trade data. From the Selling advisor’s perspective: So tell me ... Read More

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