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To become listed on our directories, first register on our site. Once your application has been accepted, you will be able to view your profile on the directory.
To list a group, contact us and we will set you up in no time.

Advisor Directory

A list of all of the advisors who are part of the Business Advisor Network. All of these advisors are qualified professionals who work together to generate consulting work and support for each other.


Here are some of the benefits of being registered as an individual advisor on the directory;

  • Be seen by potential clients and networking opportunities who can contact you directly
  • Generate backlinks to your website
  • 100% free and it always will be

There are two levels of access to the network;

  • Registered Advisor (FREE)
  • Registered Affiliate (small monthly fee – access to heaps more features)

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Group Directory

Member based organisations of business professionals who provide prospects for their members will grow the fastest and be the most successful. Being listed on our Group directory shows that a member-based organisation is serious about providing a practical and competitive edge to its members.


Here are some of the benefits for your members of having your group listed on the directory;

  • Give your members access to what they want – prospects and more consulting work
  • Equitably distribute prospects you generate to your members exclusively
  • Market your organisation, as a source of prospects, to potential new members
  • Easy way to promote exclusive communication between your members

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