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Marketing Yourself

Here are some handy tools for earning points on the Network.

  • Remember that being part of a Network gives confidence to potential clients, so use it.
  • Make sure you have links from your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to your Network Profile.
  • Be sure that you profile is complete and accurate
  • Post referrals for others on the network because they will post referrals for you – View listed referrals now!
  • Use the forum to send requests to fellow advisors to exchange ideas and make connections to other specialists as a resource for your clients.
  • Send your unique profile link to your clients
  • Send a link to the Small Business Advice website as a resource of useful support for your clients.
  • Submit some blog articles to us here for the Small Business Advice site that demonstrates your expertise.
  • Share our pages on social media sites using the image links in the sidebar.

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Marketing the network to others and earn points

  • Send this link to others to earn points when colleagues become a Registered Advisor and even more points if they become a Registered Affiliate.
    http://businessadvisor.net.au/?affid=user_login; ?>
  • Help your colleagues become better generalists and generate referrals by moderating one of our webinars on your area of expertise.


Referral Image Advertisement

Display this image on your site and earn points from the referrals


Image properties
Dimensions: 239 x 239 pixels
File format: PNG
Image quality: 72 pixels/inch


Simply copy and paste the above HTML into your website to benefit from this affiliate image.
There is no need to download the image and upload it to your own website, just use our URL.


How much do I earn per referral?

When a user you refer becomes a;
Registered Advisor you earn 10 points per advisor.
Registered Affiliate you earn 50 points per advisor.
These amounts may change.

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