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Lisa Penson

active 2 years, 2 months ago
Full Name Lisa Penson
Experience I am passionate about startups and small business and I have worked with hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs in over 20 industries. I fill the gap between the lawyers, accountants, web developers, marketing and technology professionals and specialise in small business development.

My aim is to offer practical support to business owners enabling them to overcome their individual challenges and helping them to achieve their aspirations for growth.

Whilst I operate within the coaching industry I am NOT a traditional coach. My approach is different and involves getting into the nuts and bolts of businesses providing practical advice every step of the way.

I am a practical leader who has managed and positively engaged both businesses and individuals to exceed goals and expectations. With the ability to think strategically and to consider customer needs, I have constantly delivered excellent standards of performance helping business owners in developing key skills and implementing business strategies to successfully achieve significant improvements in business growth and productivity, and continue to improve my professional standards through consistent personal development.

Unfortunately many people running a business fail because they don't seek or receive the right professional advice from the outset.

Coaches play an important role in sport by helping the players and athletes with their technique, strategy, planning and motivation. The same principles apply in small business and if you are looking to improve the performance of your business get in touch.

Qualification I'm a qualified coach, I studied with The Institute of Executive Coaching and the NeuroLeadership Group, I am also a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Trainer and Assessor. I have many years experience working with and in small business, manufacturing, wholesale and retail.

Professional Details

Key Services You’ve decided to start a business! or commit to growing your small biz into a bigger biz.
It’s a radical idea, but you’re super keen and deserve to do what you love. You know a business shouldn’t be hard work, painful, or something dreaded from the moment you wake. It should be something you enjoy and find rewarding, both emotionally and, especially, financially.
You want the freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestyle and you’re serious about wanting to be in business. You know not everything happens straight away and that it will take dedication and perseverance. If this is you join me at the Business Breakthrough Masterclass http://www.buildmybiz.com.au/e-course/
or get one-on-one support
Website http://www.lisapenson.com/
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