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Richard Sumner

active 1 year, 2 months ago
Full Name Richard Sumner
Experience Sumcor Ltd (t/a Spreadsheet Solutions)
I started the company from scratch.
I have taken care of all aspects of the company including website development, implementing systems and business strategies, marketing, sales, project management, data analysis, financial assessment and more.
I have been responsible for all of the projects that were done for our clients, and did all of the spreadsheet construction myself.
This business was started based on my passion for working with Microsoft Excel.
Qualification I completed High School in South Africa (at the age of 18) and have had no official education since then.

Professional Details

Key Services Custom Excel Spreadsheets
Bespoke Affordable Business Software
Excel Document Assessment
Bespoke Excel Training
Business Consultancy and Advice
Website http://spreadsheetsolutions.biz
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