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Online Results Surveys

If you don’t know… ask your customers, members or staff!

Understanding what your customer, client, members or staff think is critical to sustainable business…

Online Results Surveys (ORS)

Online Results SurveyThe foundations of any great organisation are its people. If they are not “engaged” with the organisation, it is exposed to significant risk. Online Results Surveys (ORS) offers unique solutions for seeking feedback from staff, clients, customers and members. There are many survey reports available including reports that compare performance against previous survey outcomes and against data from other organisations that have completed the surveys (benchmarked) with their staff, clients, customers and members.

Talent Results Surveys (TRS)

Talent Results Surveys (TRS) enables organisations to access high quality, comparative feedback on staff attitudes and engagement.

Client & Customer Results Surveys (CRS)

Client & Customer Results Surveys (CRS) provides management with real insight into the level of engagement their clients or customers have with an organisation. Easy-to-understand reports identify areas of opportunity or improvement in client or customer relationships. Survey options include a focus on longer term attitudes and satisfaction or shorter term experiences with a particular service or transaction.

Member Results Surveys (MRS)

Member Results Surveys (MRS) provides organisations with an edge in managing their important member relationships. This online tool encourages members to provide tailored feedback on a broad range of issues important to them and helps to define appropriate organisational strategies to ensure current members are retained and new memberships increased.

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