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Version Planned release date Planned development
1.9.2 26th February 2013 [NEW FEATURE] Improve RSS feeds for specific information types
[NEW FEATURE] Integration of consulting tool with additional details
[NEW FEATURE] Consulting tool training options
[UPDATE] Improved advisor portal layout and functionality for users
[UPDATE] Connection with payment gateway allowing smoother transactions
[UPDATE] Updated styling and functionality of shopping cart and product pages
[UPDATE] Modify view of users’s maximum bid on single auction post
1.9.3 15th April 2013 [NEW FEATURE] Ability for users to search currently active auctions
[UPDATE] Additional pages available on mobile
[UPDATE] Improved search functions on the Advisor Portal
[UPDATE] Additional statistics about the network and user activity
[UPDATE] Forums, advisor directory and advisor profile styling improvements


Version Date of release Description
24th January 2013 [NEW FEATURE] Integration of consulting tools
[NEW FEATURE] Improved subscription management and visibilty
[NEW FEATURE] Introduction of mobile-friendly site
[NEW FEATURE] Integration of email systems with forums
[NEW FEATURE] Activation of messaging and friends
[UPDATE] Connection with payment gateway allowing smoother transactions
[UPDATE] Updated styling and functionality of shopping cart and product pages
[UPDATE] Improved menu options and layouts in Advisor Portal
[UPDATE] Revised home page layout to be more focused and useable
[UPDATE] Modify view of users’s maximum bid on single auction post
1.9 17th October 2012 [NEW FEATURE] Ability for users to validate their address using on code sent in mail
[NEW FEATURE] MailChimp API connectivity allows admin to send emails to users using MailChimp
[UPDATE] Website core updated
[UPDATE] New options added to automatic website emails
[UPDATE] Instructional content added at top of single auctions page
[UPDATE] Added website generated email throttling to improve send efficiency
[UPDATE] Advanced admin monitoring of subscriptions for reduced error
[UPDATE] Group members list includes more information about each member
[BUG FIX] Formatting of site switcher in logo
[BUG FIX] File format of user avatars no longer causes error
[BUG FIX] Last active forums fixed to display sticky posts at top of page
[BUG FIX] Rerouting of notifications to advisors when contacted directly to reduce spamming
1.8 13th July 2012 [NEW FEATURE] LinkedIn integration for new registrants
[NEW FEATURE] Ability to use points to purchase recurring subscriptions
[UPDATE] Improvements to advisor engagement email tool
[UPDATE] Changes to display of group description
[UPDATE] Removal of unwanted files to speed up site
[UPDATE] Ability to select ‘ANY Industry’ as preferred client industry on profile
[BUG FIX] Edit to display of current role in top panel
[BUG FIX] Profile completion calculation error fixed
[BUG FIX] Fixed issues with new advisor prospect links
1.7 25th June 2012 [NEW FEATURE] Ability to purchase subscriptions using Points (makes it possible for the site to provide FREE access to active advisors)
[NEW FEATURE] Add site switching tool to logo in headers
[NEW FEATURE] Display of current Max Bid value during bidding.
[NEW FEATURE] Display active user avatars
[UPDATE] Updating profile core to integrate better with shopping cart
[UPDATE] Conditional Auto-Responder additional functionality
[UPDATE] Reformatting of content on home page for Main site and Directory
[UPDATE] Improved presentation of user statistics and global map
[UPDATE] Updates for many of the sites tools and plugins
[UPDATE] Commence site speed optimisation task
[UPDATE] Upgrade Forms validation
[UPDATE] Ability to select ‘Any Industry’ in Preferred Business Opportunity Profile section on Advisor profile
[BUG FIX] Profile completion link bug
1.5 and 1.6 1st May 2012 [NEW FEATURE] Conditional Auto-Responder functionality
[NEW FEATURE] Use points to purchase advertising space on the site (Contact us for more details)
[NEW FEATURE] Automatic matching and notification of prospects which fit your needs
[NEW FEATURE] Map link with popup to indicate Advisor location
[NEW FEATURE] New area for content at top of Groups, Forum and Directory pages
[UPDATE] Updating profile core to integrate better with shopping cart
[UPDATE] Revamp of Core Skills and Industries selection user-friendly
[UPDATE] Reformatting of current Prospects table on Prospect Trading Platform page
[UPDATE] Clearer wording on forms to improve data quality
[UPDATE] Improved permission settings for Group Administrators
[BUG FIX] Repaired default group email subscription for better communication with Advisors
[BUG FIX] Improved styling for Country drop-down on Application form
[BUG FIX] Fixed issue with forgotten password link
[BUG FIX] Better mapping of Advisor profile to Checkout fields
[BUG FIX] Fixed broken RSS feed link
1.4 23rd February 2012 [BUG FIX] User points calculation issue
[NEW FEATURE] Easier use of multi-select and drop-down fields in profile
[UPDATE] Prospect form entry method updated
1.3 22nd February 2012 [BUG FIX] AJAX login and refresh fix
[NEW FEATURE] Keyword filtering for forum and group activity
[NEW FEATURE] Easily manage and send invitation to earn points
1.2 10th February 2012 [BUG FIX] Group activity email notification bug fix
[BUG FIX] Feedback logging bug fix and improvements
[BUG FIX] Occasional login password reuse error fixed
[NEW FEATURE] Added Map Link with geo-location to Advisor Directory
[NEW FEATURE] Increased SEO visibility for individual Advisor profiles
1.1 5th February 2012 [BUG FIX] Core skills / Industries not displaying
[BUG FIX] Profile progression bar not completing
[NEW FEATURE] Save changes button moves to new page
1.0 January 2012 [BUG FIX] Posting a trade bug
[BUG FIX] Forum permissions security fix
[BUG FIX] Max. bid displayed on trade page
[NEW FEATURE] Increased site speed and stability
[NEW FEATURE] Extended search function on directory
[UPDATE] Updated WordPress Core
0.5 BETA November 2011 First launch of the site. Small bugs and errors identified.
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