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Pricing Plans and benefits

All plans are monthly – upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime…


PRO Upgrade details

Why not check out the a webinar for details about the consulting tools and processes included in the upgrade?
Training Videos to give you even more details about Diagnostics, Client Engagement, CRM and email marketing modules.
Find out how adding Benchmarking to your consulting toolbox can create long term “sticky” clients?

Upgrade to Registered Affiliate

What’s my current level? – Check out your current level under the Accounts tab in the top right corner of the screen (when logged in).
You can Register as an Advisor for free but to access the advanced features on this site you must upgrade to an Affiliate.
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Prospect Trading Platform

A live 24 hour trade for each prospect – bid on the prospects that YOU would like to turn into REAL work opportunities.

Points equal free leads

Refer and trade prospects on the directory to earn points and use those points to purchase more prospects.
Using this platform, prospects can be free!
Trade your quality prospects with other advisors for better, more suitable work opportunities that match your skills and expertise.

New matching system

Be notified when a prospect matching YOU is loaded to the Prospects Trading Platform. That way you will get priority notice of prospects in your location, in your area of expertise or that generally matches your preferred work profile.

Spread the word - be rewarded

Built-in affiliate promotion tools mean that you can easily share this exciting new platform with your social media and email to be rewarded with points for new users who sign up using your link.

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